Award for Faulder Water System Uranium Treatment System

Board date: 
Thursday, November 6, 2014

We had previously selected this vendor for the uranium treatment portion of the Faulder water upgrade project.  However, we had to put the upgrade on hold in order to conduct another aquifer study. This was a requirement of the province, who is paying the lion's share of this project.

Information meeting for Meadow Valley subdivision

NOTICE OF INFORMATION MEETING There will be a public information session on Friday, September 26 regarding a proposed subdivision along Fish Lake Road (north of Faulder).  I am sorry this is on a Friday night, but timelines are tight and compromises were made.


June 2011 Faulder water update


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Bad news: I just got a forwarded email from the Ministry of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development that the RDOS application for a Towns for Tomorrow grant was not approved (see previous update). We plan to appeal with Minister Chong because we believe that we originally had ministry support for this project. We will let you know if we have any success with this.

The good news is that the heavy run-off seems to have resulted in substantial recharge to the aquifer.  Although it is not high by historical standards, it buys us some time to continue looking for ways to get reliable water to Faulder.


Flooding in Faulder


In an ironic twist, Faulder now has too much water! Darke Creek, which is typically just a dry culvert has overflowed with the higher-than-normal volume of snow melt.

The critical issues for Faulder residents (apart from personal property damage) are the status of the the main road and upstream dam on Darke/Fish Lake.  Rural roads and dams are the responsibility of the province, not the RDOS.   However, we checked with the relevant provincial ministries on May 17, 2011.  The Ministry of the Environment is aware of the situation and is monitoring the dam; the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is monitoring Fish Lake Road.



January 2011 Faulder water update

The provincial government has made one  Towns For Tomorrow grant available to the RDOS each of the past few years.  Last year the Faulder water system was selected by the RDOS board for its one and only application for the grant. Following the massive price increase in the Summerland option, we asked the RDOS board to consider Faulder for a second Towns For Tomorrow grant.  The following is a full list of the projects considered by the RDOS board for submission to the Province:


Response to Summerland-Faulder water deal

The following letter was published in the Summerland Review (link to letter)
Published: August 11, 2010

Dear Editor:

Having chosen to live in various rural regions of B.C., I believed it was the responsibility of homeowners to provide their own water, either hand dig a well, have it extensively drilled or personally transport their water.

While living in Meadow Valley, I had to both filter and boil the drinking water. Never once did I think that others miles away should fill our water needs.

People have made their choice to live in the country, both enjoying all the benefits of rural living and also bearing responsibility for their own upkeep.

Upon moving to Summerland, I was shocked to discover the impurity of our local drinking water.