Good news for Faulder Water

Well, that only took a decade! Great news nonetheless:

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) has received approval from the Interior Health Authority to rescind both the Water Quality Advisory for uranium (issued August, 2007) and the Water Quality Advisory for commissioning the new system (issued February 14, 2017). As this is a new treatment system the potential for subsequent advisories exists, however the system is currently showing consistent acceptable results for bacteriological quality and uranium removal. We will continue to monitor all aspects of the system closely.

Link to press releaser


Faulder Water System April 2017 update

From RDOS Public Works:

Currently we have one uranium removal canister online. The results are very promising as our uranium levels to date have all been below the maximum allowable. Our bacterial results have also been good.  We will be brining on a second canister next week. After some monitoring and as long as the results follow the current trend we will discuss removal of the water advisory with the IHA.


The issue at this point is that the operator of the public water system (RDOS Public Works) has to convince the regulator (Interior Health) that the system is safe.  This requires some time to collect sufficient data.


Motocross in Meadow Valley

Update 3 November: The RDOS has received a detailed legal review of this situation and has concluded that a motocross track DOES violate the RDOS's existing AG3 zoning bylaw.  The owner has been advised of this.

The RDOS has received numerous complaints about the construction of a motocross track on Agricultural Land Reserve farmland in Meadow Valley.

The RDOS generally has very limited control over what people do on their own land.  However, there are two existing bylaws that are relevant in this situation and a new bylaw that will be relevant in the future:


Owning horses: Open house on 10 March 2016

Just a heads-up that the RDOS is coming back to the issue of "keeping livestock".  This aroused some interest especially on the West Bench. The main thread on the issue is here.


You may recall that the fundamental problem with the existing bylaw is that it has been amended in dribs and drabs over the years and has become difficult to enforce.  Hence the need for a re-write.


February 2016 Faulder Water Update

Just a follow-up to the February 2nd, 2016, meeting in the old Summerland library:  I have attached the two relevant pages for the 2016 Budget.  The first is the operating budget for the water utility.  It shows the revenues for the system, including the parcel tax ($136,390/79 = ~$1,726 per household).  The second is the "capital projects" budget, which is meant to be temporary (lasting for the duration of the capital project).  The capital budget shows the large amounts in (debt proceeds and grants) and the large amounts out (capital spending).  The "steady state" revenue and expenses are shown in the operating budget.


2461.08, 2015, Electoral Area “F” Zoning Amendment Bylaw (MacRae Deans Road)

Board date: 
Thursday, January 21, 2016

This is a follow-on to the First Reading.

I supported this application at Third Reading and it passed the board unanimously.  Recall that I thought this one was tricky because the Regional Growth Strategy frowns on infill development between communities (in this case Summerland and Faulder).  At the same time, this is a classic example of a dysfunctional hooked lot.

At the end of the day it came down to the public hearing (which includes letters and emails submitted in lieu of attendance).  Since no one spoke out or wrote against the application, I can only assume the public has no strong feelings one way or the other.  Absent opposition, the tricky ones often go in favor of the applicant.

RDOS says no to lakeside trail from Penticton to Summerland

The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen has politely declined participation in a four-party master plan for a bike link between Penticton and Summerland along Highway 97.

The B.C. government proposed a study on a multi-use trail linking Trout Creek to Penticton with the cost being shared by the province, City of Penticton, RDOS and District of Summerland.

The master plan would cost $110,000, with each partner's share being $27,500. If approved, the trail would cost around $7.8 million.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment — Electoral Area “F” MacRae, 66 Deans Road

Board date: 
Thursday, November 19, 2015

This proposal is to subdivide a lot on the way to Faulder.  Normally the RDOS is against such densification in non-serviced areas but this lot is split in two by the former KVR railroad and Deans Road.  The former KVR raillbed is owned by the Trans-Canada Trail.

The Area F APC met on this but was split.  I moved to advance this to 3rd reading in order to trigger a public hearing.  The public hearing provides a forum for those with a strong opinion on this proposal one way or the other to weigh in.  Details about the public hearing are posted to the main RDOS site.