Smoking, motorized vehicles banned in Penticton natural areas due to fire risk

Owing in part to a fire-danger rating not seen since 2003, the City of Penticton has banned smoking and the use of motorized vehicles in all natural areas.

“I want to remind visitors and residents that woodland areas, including trails, hiking trails, the KVR Trail, are completely closed to motorized vehicles and smoking,” said Penticton fire Chief Larry Watkinson, who ordered the ban Tuesday under a local bylaw.

Automobile traffic along the KVR

I have received a number of complaints about automobile traffic on the KVR behind Sage Mesa and heading north.  It might be good fun for some people but I think it is safe to say that driving out to bush parties on the KVR is not a good idea, especially in our precarious fire situation.

Access is apparently through the road to Pine Hill golf.  map