West Bench

Tennis on the West Bench

The idea has emerged of locating a tennis structure on the land to the north of West Bench School. A small group of us met with the board of School District 67 yesterday to introduce the idea:

  1. Myself, representing the West Bench
  2. Councillor Helena Konanz representing tennis players and the City of Penticton (in that order)
  3. Ken Naylor representing the Penticton Tennis Club.  Ken talked about the significant growth of the tennis club and the imminent demise of their facility at the Penticton Yacht Club.



Riding ring signage

The sign for the Bud Butler Equestrian Area (at the west end of Selby Park) was installed today. It was donated by Structurlam.

The purpose of the sign is to draw residents' attention to the fact that we have a very nice public riding ring in Selby Park.  Horse owners on the West Bench make frequent use of the facility.

As for the history, Sue Gibbons contributed the following:


Keeping livestock regulations: update 13 August 2014

I had a meeting on July 31, 2014, with a group of West Bench horse owners and Chris Garrish, the RDOS planner working on the livestock bylaw.

Three major issues were addressed during the meeting. I have outlined the issues below and noted my recommendation to Chris.  Of course, these are just my recommendations.  Staff will come up with another revision of the draft bylaw based on this meeting and other interactions with the public.


Owning horses and other livestock

The current bylaw in Area F is basically one horse per acre (0.4 hectare).  If your property is greater than 2 hectares (just under 5 acres), the number of horses you can have is not limited by the bylaw.

Unfortunately, our bylaw contains some set-back provisions that conflict with with the one-horse/acre rule.  The set-backs, which were proposed by the BC Government, generally require 30m set-backs from each property line for the horse area.  In most cases, these set-backs are not feasible for most of the lots on the West Bench.  So the current bylaw is really a mess.

Accordingly, RDOS staff has initiated a process to update our livestock rules.  The first part is to simplify the set-back requirement so it applies only to buildings, not pasture.  The second part is to update the lot size cut-offs as follow:


West Bench pump house & path ribbon cutting

Thanks to all of you who attended the ribbon cutting for the West Bench pump house today. A couple of people have asked me about the numbers in my remarks, so I have posted my script (which I mostly followed) below:

This water project can be summarized with two numbers: 6 and 18 million.

Six different governments had to work together to get this job done.  That’s 7 if you count Interior Health as its own level of government. 8 if you count Fortis**.

Obviously, the RDOS and the City of Penticton are heavily invested in an ongoing partnership.  However, this partnership is laid on a foundation created by the West Bench Irrigation District.  Building the project required a continuous give and take between various provincial ministries and the PIB.


West Bench votes for Penticton water

It won’t come as a surprise that West Bench residents are strongly in favour of signing on to a deal that will see the community buying treated water from Penticton.

In a referendum Saturday, West Bench residents voted 85 per cent in support of a deal the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen made with the City of Penticton to purchase water at a rate of 22 cents per cubic metre. A total of 324 West Bench residents voted in favour of the deal in the referendum — as well as in the advance poll — while 62 were opposed.

April 2012 summary of West Bench water deal

Below is a link to the presentation I gave on April 2, 2012, to West Bench residents.  The purpose was to gather support for the proposed "bulk water deal" with the City of Penticton.

West Bench Presentation (02 April 2012

I have attached this as a Power Point presentation because it contains animations.  A free Power Point view can be downloaded from Microsoft. A non-animated PDF version is below:


Focus Engineering report: West Bench Supply options (2011 predesign)

I have requested an electronic copy of the predesign report for the West Bench supply options.  I will post it here as soon as I get it. The report provides much more technical detail about the alternatives (e.g., pump horsepower, waterline routing, and so on).

Update 28 July 2011: The focus pre-design report has been posted to the RDOS website. Click here.




Some very rough costs for the new alternatives

I have attached the latest version of our internal calculations for three of the West Bench upgrade options (status quo, bulk water, new UV).  These are still very rough and pre-design.  However, they should give you some sense for the relative costs of the different alternatives.  They are also the numbers used in the July 22, 2011, newsletter and FAQ sent to all West Bench residents.