The West Bench had a bus route at some point in the past (I believe in the 1980s) but the service was discontinued due to underutilization.  Much has changed since then, including an aging population, increased costs of operating a vehicle, and new educational opportunties at Okanagan College and UBCO. So we are revisiting the issue. 

Water agreement signed (Faulder)

By John Arendt - Summerland Review Published: July 28, 2010 (link to story)

The municipality and the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen have signed a memorandum of understanding for the provision of water for the Faulder area. The agreement puts the 80 residential properties in Faulder under the Summerland water system.

Faulder residents will be required to install water meters similar to those recently installed in Summerland homes and will be billed for their water use.

“This agreement is based on the principle of being a good neighbour,” said Coun. Gordon Clark.

Mayor Janice Perrino said Faulder residents need the agreement in order to provide them with a supply of clean water.

“Faulder residents have been in a crisis for quite a number of months,” she said. “This is a very minimal amount of water.”


The rat control pilot is running

A brochure will be sent out next week to all residents of Area F describing our pilot rat control program.  The procedure for using the service is summarized below.  The service is available immediately, so you do not have to wait for the brochure to make the call.

[...] The core of the pilot is a “capped” price for professional rodent control.  Rural residents are ultimately responsible for rodent control on their property and should take appropriate preventative action as outlined in this brochure.  However, if more help is required, residents can follow the procedure below.  The RDOS has contracted with Orkin/PCO Services to provide rodent control at a cost to residents capped at $39, which is significantly lower than the unsubsidized cost of the service. 

Proposed rat control service in Area F

I asked RDOS staff in late June, 2010, to develop a pilot rat control program for the greater West Bench.  It will take some time to get the wheels rolling on this, but this is what I envision at this stage: