West Bench Hill Road

Here we go again: Anyone who doubts the instability of West Bench soils should take a look at the new dip on West Bench Hill Road.  This dip is in a slightly different place than the previous large dip.  A few things to know about this problem:

The new cattle guard on Bartlett Drive

Residents of Westwood Properties and Husula Highlands will have noticed a new cattle guard on Bartlett Drive.  A special prize for anyone who can spot the problem with this particular installation. I have provided a hint in the photo below:

To be clear:

Targa Bambina in Faulder

As you may have heard, a proposal is currently floating around to hold a Targa Bambina race in and around Faulder on the May long weekend. Please see this announcement.  As fun as this event sounds, it will not be fun for those along Fish Lake Road who will lose access to their property during a long weekend.

Update 23 Mar 10: From Targa Bambina:

At this time, we have formally withdrawn both our approved road closure application and our pending road closure application with the District of Summerland and the pending application with the Ministry of Transportation for the Faulder Area.


Roads and highways

Roads and highways in rural areas of British Columbia (including semi-rural areas, such as the West Bench and Sage Mesa) are the responsibility of MoTI: the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (or less formally, "MOT", "Highways", etc.). MoTI contracts with firms like Argo for routine road maintenance:

Contact information for Argo 

Bottom line: the RDOS has no jurisdiction regarding: