Motocross in Meadow Valley

Update 3 November: The RDOS has received a detailed legal review of this situation and has concluded that a motocross track DOES violate the RDOS's existing AG3 zoning bylaw.  The owner has been advised of this.

The RDOS has received numerous complaints about the construction of a motocross track on Agricultural Land Reserve farmland in Meadow Valley.

The RDOS generally has very limited control over what people do on their own land.  However, there are two existing bylaws that are relevant in this situation and a new bylaw that will be relevant in the future:


Blasting for West Bench reservoir

Note from RDOS staff regarding the West Bench reservoir:

We wanted to let people know about some small blasts we are going to be executing today and possibly over the next several days in the West Bench & Sage Mesa area, west of Penticton. We are installing a new reservoir and have encountered rock that we need to blast out. The charges are expected to be relatively small but some people may get worried and call wondering what it is.

The blasting should be finished in a couple days depending on if more is found as the excavation continues.

Please don’t hesitate to provide people with my contact info if they have questions.

Liisa Bloomfield, P.Eng. ● Engineer/Engineering Supervisor
p. 250.490.4229 ● tf. 1.877.610.3737 ● f. 250.492.0063 ●



Area F has a noise bylaw that prohibits, among other things, noisy dogs and construction noise before 6 AM and after 10 PM on weekdays and before 8 AM and 10 PM on Sunday. The noise bylaw can be found here (although it is a bit vague in my view).

Bottom line: The RDOS pays a contractor (a security service) to follow-up noise bylaw complaints and, if required, issue tickets.  The phone number and email for the contractor are:

SOS Security
(250) 492-0911 or 1-800-322-5510

RDOS Bylaw Enforcement Coordinator: 250-490-4130 (day)