Selby Park

Selby Park is located on West Bench drive north of West Bench Elementary School.  The park was named for Eric Selby, a veteran and driving force in the establishment of the West Bench Veterans' Land Act (VLA) project.

The park is currently popular with mountain bikers, who use the park to access Penticton Indian Band lands to the west and north.



  • Grassy area
  • Shade trees
  • Some playground equipment
  • Riding ring
  • Parking along West Bench Drive


RDOS applied for and received $18,000 in Federal matching grants in 2010 for park upgrades in Area F. The matching grants permitted the RDOS to undertake several projects for which the cost to Area F taxpayers was only 50% of the total.


Forum focuses on future of KVR Trail

The uncertainty surrounding the transfer of a portion of the Kettle Valley Railway Trail to the Penticton Indian Band sparked a feeling of fear from some at Wednesday’s public meeting in West Bench.

“This is a very touchy issue between everybody,” said Chief Jonathan Kruger. “A lot of people use the (trail) right now and it’s just that fear of change and we just have to get past that fear and come to some understanding where we can all live together because we are living together right now. I’m sure we can work together and live together and prosper together.”

Indian Band wants to set the record straight

Penticton Indian band Chief Jonathan Kruger wants to reduce the fear factor surrounding the band‘s application to reacquire the former KVR right-of-way through the reserve.
Kruger and band Councillor Joan Phillip outlined the proposal before about 150 people attending a public information meeting Wednesday night at West Bench Elementary School.
While many residents expressed concern over what the bandís future plans may be for the route, emotions were largely kept in check.

RDOS response to INAC letter of inquiry

Here is a link to the letter sent by the RDOS in response to INAC's letter of inquiry.  Please note that the signature pages of the petition have been removed in this version to protect the privacy of the signatories.

The upshot on Page 1 is as follows:

At their meeting of March 4,2010 the Board of Directors for the Regional District resolved to
advise INAC that the RDOS is concerned with the addition of Kettle Valley Railway lands to the
Penticton Indian Band Reserve for the purposes presented in the application, specifically with
respect to the following:



April 13, 2010 public meeting

Here are some links relevant to the April 12th, 2010, public meeting regarding the KVR:

  • The announcement for the public meeting was sent out in a newsletter: link here
  • The Penticton Western News has added notice of the meeting to their website: link here
  • My draft slides for the presentation (subject to change) are available: link here
  • Federal Additions to Reserve (ATR) policy: link here