West Nile Virus and Max Lake mosquitoes

Update 20 Jun 2011: The heavy run-off means that 2011 will be a terrible spring for floodwater (Aedes) mosquitoes.  These mosquitoes lay their eggs in the dirt and the eggs hatch (possibly years later) when the eggs are submerged.  Although they are aggressive biters and very annoying, the spring floodwater mosquitos are not considered vectors for West Nile virus.  Later, in the summer, we see the Culex mosquitoes, which are potential West Nile vectors.  Culex lay their eggs in standing water, not dirt, hence the importance of managing sources of standing water (e.g., bird baths) later in the summer.





The RDOS operates a mosquito control service (see the RDOS site for information),  This thread is primarily about mosquitoes attributable to Max Lake, a conservation area to the north west of the West Bench (bordering Husula Highlands and Westwood Properties).

A thread on attempts to reduced mosquitoes at Max Lake using non-pesticide measures follows in this thread.