The relationship between water upgrades and sewer for the West Bench

I received the following question via email:

In regards to the West Bench water issue currently before us, a valid question has come up that I believe may be of importance. Will the purchase of water from the city of Penticton ultimately lead to sewer hook-up, thereby creating the opportunity for subdivision in the West Bench? Some residents believe that this is a possibility and it would be good to clarify this important question. As always, thank you for your quick response.

My response:

Short answer: I believe the issues are economically and politically independent and that one does not necessarily entail the other.  It would be different if new water treatment involved digging up West Bench drive.  But as far as I know it does not.


City seeks public support for pool plans


Penticton city council is now looking to the public for approval to borrow up to $7.4 million for a proposed expansion of the Penticton community centre pool.

Unless at least 2,660 city residents (10 per cent of eligible voters) sign a counter-petition by April 27 to force a referendum on the issue, the city will be in a legal position to borrow the approximate one-third local share of the funding.

The project is contingent on the city receiving federal-provincial funding for two-thirds of the estimated $23.8-million total cost. If a grant is not approved, the project will not proceed.

The public will get an opportunity to view plans for the pool expansion at a pair of open houses at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre on Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


Two-tier rec fees meet mixed response

JOHN MOORHOUSE, Penticton Herald, 03/12/2009

Penticton city council‘s move to a two-tier recreation fee schedule has city officials scrambling to meet the June 1 implementation date.

In a bid to boost city revenues by an estimated $40,000, council wants out-of-town users of Penticton recreational facilities to be charged more than city residents. The new fees are designed to gain more revenue from residents who don‘t contribute tax money.

However, city administrator Leo den Boer said Wednesday details as to what form the two-tier system will take, have yet to be determined.

“There are a large number of questions which need answers before we can even consider implementing such a proposal,” he stated. “I would see staff reporting back to council at some point and seek further direction.”


City staff feel the blow of budget axe

By Kristi Patton - Penticton Western News

Published: February 19, 2009 10:00 AM
Updated: February 20, 2009 6:41 AM

“It has been a very tough decision for everybody especially when you start dealing with people’s livelihoods,” said Mayor Dan Ashton, adding the cutbacks have come at the suggestion of senior staff. “My interpretation of it is you are not taking a look to save money in a budget, you are taking a look at efficiencies and these were the proposals brought forward.”

The layoffs of eight management and other non-union staff equals a reduction in the budget by $793,115. Besides putting a freeze on hiring, other measures have also been taken such as a ban on overtime, holiday relief and there is a consideration for delaying the return of the seasonal employees.