2009 RDOS budget

  • Posted on: 27 March 2009
  • By: Michael Brydon

Update: 29 July, 2009:

Some of us received a bit of a shock on our 2009 Rural Property Tax Notices.  The mill rate* for 2008 was 0.5084 but 0.8665 in 2009—a 70% tax increase for this year!  Thanks to Larry McNary for brining this to my attention.

This puzzles me because the total budget for Area 'F' (not including specific service areas, such as Faulder water, OK Regional Library, police tax, etc.) dropped from $312K in 2008 to $300K in 2009.  Of course, the total assessed value of Area 'F' also dropped due to the loss of Red Wing (see below). But still, the 70% increase does not (yet) make sense to me.