If your recycling is not picked up

Just got the following note from Cam at the RDOS about recycling.  Garbage/recycling is one of the most expensive (and beneficial!) things we do at the RDOS. To minimize the costs for everyone, we ask you to do a little bit of work on your end, while you still have the item of waste in your hand.

From Cam:

Due to a resident’s concerns I went along West Bench Drive today. I checked over 20 recycle bags that were left. They were all left for contaminates in the recycling, which I confirmed. Materials that we cannot accept that are in the bags left today:

Garbage, recycling, and yard waste

The RDOS administers curbside pick-up of garbage, recycling, and yard waste pickup for the more urban parts of Area F (essentially the greater West Bench).  These three waste streams are increasingly treated separately for one simple reason: the Campbell Mountain Landfill is filling up and it will be very expensive to close (when the time comes) and replace.  We all have a strong economic incentive to keep as much waste as possible out of the landfill so that we can delay this expense as long as possible.