Targa Bambina in Faulder

As you may have heard, a proposal is currently floating around to hold a Targa Bambina race in and around Faulder on the May long weekend. Please see this announcement.  As fun as this event sounds, it will not be fun for those along Fish Lake Road who will lose access to their property during a long weekend.

Update 23 Mar 10: From Targa Bambina:

At this time, we have formally withdrawn both our approved road closure application and our pending road closure application with the District of Summerland and the pending application with the Ministry of Transportation for the Faulder Area.

Our 2010 event is moving forward with the option east of Kelowna and we look forward to extending an invitation to you once plans are solidified.

With an opportunity to really see a Targa event in person in 2010, we anticipate our 2011 event logistics and benefits to be much better understood by stakeholders.


Unfortunately, the RDOS has absolutely no jurisdiction over rural roads (see the Area F owner's manual ).  But the response from the Mr. Murray Tekano at (District Manager) at Ministry of Transportation is as follows:

"At this time the event is not approved.  Targa Canada West is still collecting public feedback on their event idea for presentation prior to further consideration by the province.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time at 250-712-3629 or by email at murray.tekano@gov.bc.ca"

So this is far from a done deal. You may wish to register you concerns with Mr. Tekano at the MoT if you would be adversely affected by this proposed event.


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