• Posted on: 4 February 2009
  • By: Michael Brydon

The Faulder Community water system was constructed in 1993 by the RDOS to service approximately 80 households.  The system consists of a well, pump, balancing reservior, and distribution system. It draws water from the Meadow Valley aquifer, as do several other private wells in the area.

Problems for the Faulder water system started in 2000, when the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality were updated and the maximum recommended concentration of uranium was decreased from 0.1 mg/L to 0.02 mg/L.  The concentration of uranium in Faulder's water is approximately 0.0275 mg/L.  The RDOS, in cooperation with the Provincial government and the Faulder Water Advisory Committee, initiated a project to find a solution the the uranium problem.  The preferred alternative in 2008 was to acquire or drill a deeper well and use ion exchange to remove uranium from the water.  This project was successful in attracting nearly $1M in grant funding from the Provincial and Federal governments in early 2009. However, a more serious problem of water quantity from the aquifer is becoming increasingly apparent and the RDOS has suspended further work on the well + treatment option.

Alternatives to the Meadow Valley aquifer include the purchase of treated water from the District of Summerland and a Ranney well adjacent to Trout Creek.