Roads and highways

  • Posted on: 17 December 2009
  • By: Michael Brydon

Roads and highways in rural areas of British Columbia (including semi-rural areas, such as the West Bench and Sage Mesa) are the responsibility of MoTI: the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (or less formally, "MOT", "Highways", etc.). MoTI contracts with firms like Argo for routine road maintenance:

Contact information for Argo 

Bottom line: the RDOS has no jurisdiction regarding:

  • Highway and road maintenance
  • Snow removal, sanding, and sweeping on rural roads
  • Snow removal, sanding, and sweeping on bare-land strata roads (Westwood Properties and Red Wing roads are the responsibility of the respective strata council/ratepayers associations)
  • Storm drainage (e.g., sink holes adjacent to roads)
  • Pot holes
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Cattleguards
  • Crosswalks


Street lighting is a grey area because the MOT's mandate is limited to traffic safety, not convenience.  The West Bench Irrigation District has historically worked with the MOT to provide some street lights on the West Bench.  It is not clear what will happen once the WBID disbands or whether residents even want street lighting.

Update Dec 2016: The RDOS did add some lights to West Bench Hill Road.

If you do have a complaint regarding a road-related issue in Area F, you can contact Highways at:

Penticton Area
102 Industrial Place
Penticton, BC V2A 7C8
(250) 490-8200

Jeff Wiseman
Operations Manager