Unsightly and untidy premises

Area F has an unsightly and untidy bylaw which means that, in extreme cases, the RDOS could pay a contractor to clean up a resident's yard and bill the resident.  Naturally, these bylaws can be tricky because one person's treasured possessions may be regarded by neighbors as junk.  The RDOS therefore places three conditions on complants:

  1. Complainants must live within 30 m of the property in question
  2. At least two independent complaints are required to trigger any action by the RDOS (e.g., two neighbors)
  3. The complaints cannot be anonymous.  Complainants must stand by their complaints and testify in court, if required (although it seldom, if ever, goes this far)

Full details of the unsightly/untidy bylaw and the official complaint forms can be found on the RDOS site


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