New Area "F" Website -

  • Posted on: 19 May 2019
  • By: Riley Gettens

June 22, 2019

UPDATE, there is a new Area F website that has been set up.  Please visit for the latest updates and information for Area "F" residents.  This blog will no longer be maintained.



Riley Gettens, Director Area "F"


Welcome to the website specifically for Area "F" residents.  My name is Riley Gettens and I am the Director for Area "F" of the RDOS.   Please note, there is an official RDOS website and RDOS Facebook page.  This forum is informal and represents only my views and opinions... not necessarily the opinions of the Board or staff.  Please use this place as a way to engage in discussion around community issues.  While you will be able to post comments on this blog you can also always reach me via email or text/call 250-488-0246. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Riley Gettens
Director for Electoral Area "F" of the RDOS

Please note, you will see posts from both past Director Brydon and me. Michael is no longer active on this site.  His posts have remained here, with his permission, for history and context.  Thank you, Michael : )