Emergency notifications by text, email, and phone

  • Posted on: 17 May 2018
  • By: Michael Brydon

See the notice from the RDOS for information about a new emergency notification service.  You will get a text on your phone, for example, if your water system is hit with a boil water order or your property is put on evacuation alert.

A shortcut to the Area F-specific regisistration is here: https://rdos.ca.regroup.com/networks/rdos/locations/electoral-area-f-/location_register


The RDOS can now send instant emergency notifications to residents directly to their email, mobile phones and landline phones!

CivicReady® Mass Notification System is now live on our website at www.rdos.bc.ca/news-events/civic-ready/ and we encourage you to spread the word to your constituents to sign up!

Residents can expect to receive Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) updates on Evacuations Alerts, Evacuation Orders and Alert/Order Rescinds, as well as, information regarding sandbag pick-up locations, Emergency Support Services (ESS) locations/contact information, public information meetings and wildfire updates for their Electoral Area.

It’s easy to sign up! Residents simply go to www.rdos.bc.ca/news-events/civic-ready/ , click on their electoral area, enter their contact information and select the Emergency Notification group. From there on you will receive updated alerts from their electoral area through either email, phone call, or text. They can change the way they receive notifications any time from their CivicReady account. And can opt out at any time.

Feel free to let residents know that in the next month or so, we will be expanding the available groups to include routine notifications such as community events, water and sewage systems notices, transit route updates, land use public meetings and more. Ideally we wanted to have all of the options available off the hop, however, with the manpower the EOC requires we just don’t have the capacity. Once the EOC slows down we will have the other groups available.

To learn more about the CivicReady Mass Notification System www.civicplus.com/civicready/mass-notification-system.


Had trouble signing up. Only gave the option of signing up for all locations rather than Area F only.

Yes, odd, will check with RDOS staff (who will check with technology vendor).