Make water work (and crush Naramata)

The Okanagan Basin Water Board has launched a pledge program to increase awareness of its Make Water Work conservation program. The focus on the program is on domestic outdoor "non-working" water: lawns and shrubs that (a) look nice but don't do anything and (b) lose water to evaporation.  Working water, in contrast, creates economic benefit (agriculture, golf).  And domestic indoor water use is generally returned to the basin (through the water treatment plant or eventually seepage to the aquifer from your septic field).

As part of the pledge program, RDOS Chair and Electoral Area E (Naramata) Director, Karla Kozakevich, challenged us (Electoral Area F) to collect the most pledges.  So please take a few seconds to make a pledge here: Take the pledge.  It would look bad if Naramata beat us.  The don't even meter their water....

To see why this is important, see the recent State of the Basin report, created by the RDOS, Central Okanagan Regional District, and North Okanagan Regional District.  A very interesting report that touches on water use and several other topics.

State Of The Basin.pdf


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