West Bench Elementary shared Use

  • Posted on: 14 March 2017
  • By: Michael Brydon

Heather Allen, the Area F Parks Commission Chair, just posted the following to Facebook:

Heather Allen posted in West Bench Community forum.
Heather Allen
March 14 at 12:04pm
Opportunity for Community Recreation and Wellness at West Bench Elementary School

The RDOS is exploring a formal agreement with School District 67 to use West Bench School for community recreation programs. We can make this happen, but we need your help deciding what we could offer:
So, pease tell us what programs you’d like to see or attend at the school. Do you want to play evening floor hockey? Hold 4H meetings? Join a gardening program?

Ideas that have been suggested so far:
• Yoga classes, floor hockey, Mommy and Me fitness
• Family basketball/ volleyball nights
• Wellness based classes/workshops, arts and crafts
• Outdoor rec (coordinating with the archery club, hiking/walking club, PACA),
• Aligning with School programs (community garden, sustainable horticulture).
• Cultural and language programs
• Seniors programs
• Book clubs/lending libraries
• Food and tree fruit sharing
• Clothing swaps/garage sales
• Birthday parties

This is a time to develop a regional approach to shared services, and for us to use our community building as the local gathering place. We will be putting together a formal proposal in April, so put your thinking caps on. If you like one of these ideas, or have others, let us know! Respond to: mwoods@rdos.bc.ca with Ideas for West Bench Recreation in the subject line.