Message from the West Bench Elementary Parents Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • Posted on: 13 December 2016
  • By: Michael Brydon

Dear West Bench Community,

We have an important opportunity to let the BC gov’t know why our community school is important, and why it deserves long-term stable funding.

By the Jan. 9th deadline, the provincial gov’t has invited all community members to contribute their thoughts on the importance of our school to children and as a community asset. The responses go directly to a task force currently designing a new funding model for schools such as ours.

Please visit: to participate in the survey called “A Conversation about Rural Education”.

The survey contains 4 questions.

Please feel free to answer all four questions, but if you only have time for one – please make sure to answer Question 4. This question asks everyone to share a personal story about how a school can impact and benefit a local community. For example: How has the school impacted or benefited you as a West Bencher, either as a child, a parent, or as a community member? How can having a school continue to be a benefit in the future?

Every positive personal story will help make our case.

Thanks in advance!

Rick Hatch (West Bench PAC President), Heather Allen (West Bench Parks Commission Chair) and Riley Gettens (West Bench community member)