October 2016 Remediation on the KVR

  • Posted on: 4 November 2016
  • By: Michael Brydon

The following update is from Mark Woods, RDOS Community Services Manager, regarding remediation work on the KVR trail:

The work taking place on the former KVR right of is part of the land transfer negotiated settlement between the PIB and CP Rail.

Westhills Aggregate won the bid through CP Rail to undertake remediation work in three sections of the KVR. The remediation work includes removing contaminated soils from the lands which are then hauled to the Campbell Mountain Landfill for proper disposal. All costs are covered by CP Rail. I checked with our Landfill staff and the material will be used as cover.

  1. North section – south of the Research Center (approximately 800m in long x 5m wide and approximately 30cm deep)
  2. Middle section –at the  “Y” adjacent to the river channel (approximately 100m x 100m wide and up to 1.5m deep)
  3. South section – adjacent to PnE Lumber heading south towards the airport. (approximately 800m in long x 5m wide and approximately 30cm deep)

Note: It is not part of the budget to replace the contaminated material so Westhills is going to do their best to smooth the areas out.