Delphi Survey 2: "Potential solutions"

[The following are the instructions for the Potential Solutions Delphi survey, which started in mid-April, 2009 with a panel of roughly 50 participants]

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen has recently initiated a formal project to find a solution to the problem of roaming horses on the west side of Okanagan Lake. In order to be successful, the taskforce must:

  1. Ensure that the correct problem is solved.
  2. Ensure that the widest possible range of alternatives is considered prior to making a decision.
  3. Involve a wide range of stakeholders.

My preference is to engage experts and stakeholders in a formal decision process and to draw on established tools and techniques in each stage of this process. This formal process will consist of the five phases shown below. The purpose of the current phase (generating alternatives, highlighted in yellow) is to develop a large number of candidate solutions for further consideration by RDOS staff.

Please see the Area F website for more background on the horse problem and this horse control initiative.

The first Delphi survey for this problem was conducted from mid-February until early April, 2009. A group of roughly 50 participants ranked a set of 22 candidate objectives over three rounds in order to determine the most important objectives for the RDOS in tackling the horse problem. A summary of the results of the Goals and Objectives Delphi survey can be found here.

In this second Delphi survey you are asked to:

  1. Generate a diverse set of alternatives that satisfy the most important goals and objectives (identified in the first Delphi survey)
  2. Assess the desirability of alternative—that is, to what extent does the candidate solution contribute to an overall solution?



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