February 2016 Faulder Water Update

  • Posted on: 7 March 2016
  • By: Michael Brydon

Just a follow-up to the February 2nd, 2016, meeting in the old Summerland library:  I have attached the two relevant pages for the 2016 Budget.  The first is the operating budget for the water utility.  It shows the revenues for the system, including the parcel tax ($136,390/79 = ~$1,726 per household).  The second is the "capital projects" budget, which is meant to be temporary (lasting for the duration of the capital project).  The capital budget shows the large amounts in (debt proceeds and grants) and the large amounts out (capital spending).  The "steady state" revenue and expenses are shown in the operating budget.

2016 Faulder Water Budget




As you may know, we have encountered some problems with the power in Faulder and the new well and treatment system remain off-line as of early November, 2016.

Although the RDOS and contractor were aware of the low quality power at the pump house site and efforts were made to design around it, a tricky harmonic apparently emerged.  A couple of things:

  1. This is up to the vendor and its subcontractors to resolve.  There is no cost to Faulder residents. It is warranty work.
  2. Our vendors are qualified and experienced and are doing their best to track down the power gremlins.  The underlying problem is poor power infrastructure and a lack of interest by BC Hydro in making major upgrades to service a small number of residents.
  3. Hopefully this will be resolved by the end of the month.


Apparently the contractors have made some progress with the power problem.  Now working through a pump issues...

On the positive side, water demand is low this time of year so it is a good time to be working through problems.

Hi Michael
just wondering if the cake got put into the freezer so that it can be brought out when there is actually something to celebrate:)
You know, with financial restraints and cutbacks these days you don't have a surplus budget for premature cake celebrations!!
REALLY looking forward to the day this is all resolved and up and working - maybe all the Faulder residents can be invited to share in the cake at that point.

The new Faulder well is on-line as of 15 Feb 2017. From Candace at the RDOS:

The old well will be kept active for use as an emergency backup well. In a couple of weeks the uranium treatment media will be connected into the treatment plant to begin removal of uranium from the Faulder water system. The uranium water advisory will remain in effect until such time as the Interior Health Authority approves the results of the removal.