Gateway Casino reclocation on Eckhardt Avenue in Penticton

Board date: 
Thursday, December 17, 2015

The City of Penticton has asked the RDOS to comment on the proposed relocation of the casino to Eckhardt Avenue.  As the staff report says:

In accordance with the Gaming Control Act, the City of Penticton, as the host city, must approve the location of a new casino and must also consult with potentially affected local governments on the subject of infrastructure and policing costs, as well as traffic and highway use associated with the relocation.

"Consulting" with the RDOS should thus be seen as a government-to-government courtesy.  Having said that, many Area F residents routinely pass this corner and will be impacted by any changes.

The City of Penticton's site has significant background for the proposal including the parking plan:

Casino relocation proposal

I do not anticipate the RDOS board will have much to say about this and I do not see any obvious problem.  But let me know if you have concerns about traffic, parking etc.


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