December 2015 projects update

It is perhaps not the best weather to be doing projects, but we have a lot on the go in Area 'F'.  Two major projects in process are:

  1. The Faulder water upgrade (see main thread)
  2. The West Bench water reservoir (see main thread and some photos of progress)


In addition Mark Woods, the RDOS Community Services Manager, sent me the following update:

1. Selby Park washroom

The septic system in Selby Park is installed, certified and permitting has been finalized with the government

A new water line has been installed from the curb to the washroom location

A concrete contractor has been hired and will be on site starting Monday December 14th to begin concrete forming. Concrete work should be completed by the end of next week

Two trees were removed as discussed in the previous email. I’m very happy with the result as it has really opened up the area

Excavation backfilling of the site will be done this year, however there will be much cleanup to do as a result of the washroom and Septic field projects. The final cleanup work will be done in early Spring. RDOS parks crew will at the same time be mending irrigation, re-seeding grass and the Veterans Tribute access path will be re-gravelled

RDOS building permit for the washroom has been approved

Fortis has been contacted for a new power service for the park and washroom. More to come on that…

2. West Bench Sign

Work has also commenced on the ‘West Bench’ sign at the bottom of the hill

Staking has already been completed for the location and the excavation work will be done tomorrow

Pro Line Contracting has also been hired for this job and will be onsite starting Monday December 14th to begin concrete forming. Concrete work should be completed by the end of next week

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure construction permit (as the sign is located within their right of way) and a lane closure permit have been approved

Flaggers are required and will be onsite for the concrete pouring portion of the project

3. Pathway lights

Lights are ordered on we expect delivery in January

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