Washroom for Selby Park

  • Posted on: 13 November 2015
  • By: Michael Brydon

As discussed previously, the Area F Parks Commission put money in the 2015 budget for a washroom in Selby Park.  It makes little sense to have a park in a rural setting without a few basic amenities.  We believe the washroom (and water bottle fill station) will be well received by the young families, horse riders, and mountain bikers who routinely use the park.

One decision we did make earlier in the year was to go for a fully serviced toilet and sink rather than an outhouse.  Outhouses are cheaper but, let's face it: they are disgusting.

Update 13 Nov 2015:

I received the following update from Mark Woods, the RDOS Community Services Manager:

If you’ve been by the park lately, you will have noticed that we have marked out the location of the proposed washroom and septic field. The septic tank is on site now and we can expect excavation to begin tomorrow.

We’ll be entering the park with the large excavator from the riding ring driveway. A section of the fence will be removed during construction in order to allow the machine to get by. When construction is complete, the contractor will replace the fence and mend the driveway from any damage.

We are sourcing bids on the concrete work now and depending weather and contractor availability, the concrete forming may commence as early as next week.

A new water line is going in at the same time as the septic and we are working with Fortis on a new electrical service.

Also, please be aware there are 2 trees being removed during this project. While that usually would be a bad thing, in this case one of them is an invasive species (Siberian Elm) and the other is a small Mountain Ash that was place far too close to the pines to ever grow properly. 


The photo below shows the new septic tank ready for installation by Chris Gibbons of Westhills Aggregates.