West Bench reservoir expansion

As noted in the heads-up here, the RDOS is moving forward with a reservoir expansion for the West Bench.  The board report authorizing expenditure is below (it was walked into the November 5th meeting):

Award of reservoir design and build contract

Recall this is project is being funded from money already collected (grants + borrowing).  So over all it is a nice windfall: the West Bench is getting new infrastructure it needs for a price it has already paid.  The only risk, as noted previously, is sight lines from the Westwood Properties neighborhood.

RDOS staff is confident that:

  1. The cylinder itself will be hidden behind an existing berm.
  2. Sight lines will actually improve from Westwood Drive since some trees will be removed
  3. A sighting study will be part of the design process.  Residents of Westwood Drive might have visits from engineers wanting to stand on their decks.


Update 17 November, 2015:

RDOS staff has provided me with a rendering (prepared by the project engineer).  I wish we had something like this when we were doing the West Bench pump house. Click on the image for a larger PDF version. 


Update July 2016: The picture on the right is the reservoir from the deck of a resident on Westwood Drive.  Pretty close to what was promised, so I am happy.  Some low shrubs have been planted to hide the roof of the reservoir.



I am concerned with the term "reasonable". What does this mean in terms of building a structure that could possibly impact people's views?

See the rendering I have added to main post above.

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