Automobile traffic along the KVR

I have received a number of complaints about automobile traffic on the KVR behind Sage Mesa and heading north.  It might be good fun for some people but I think it is safe to say that driving out to bush parties on the KVR is not a good idea, especially in our precarious fire situation.

Access is apparently through the road to Pine Hill golf.  map

Unfortunately, as noted previously,the RDOS has no real jurisdiction over the KVR.  It is privately-owned property at this point.  Still, we believe we can work with the PIB to install some barriers to automobile traffic.  I have asked staff to look into it.  Unfortunately, much of the RDOS staff is occupied at the moment with forest fires in the south.

Just a heads-up: If you know anyone in Sage Mesa who backs on to the KVR and uses the KVR as storage or to access their property you might want to let them know about this. People are not supposed to use the KVR in this way (it is not a road, after all), but I know some people do it.  If the PIB does show up with some big boulders and drops them on the KVR some people are likely to have any vehicles, boats, etc. trapped.