July 2015 Faulder Water System update

The latest well level readings are attached.  The recharge this year was much less than 2014, which should be no surprise.  Fortunately, levels remain above the pump intake.

Faulder Well Level July 06 2015.pdf

July 2015 newsletter for residents on the Faulder water system

Update 11 Aug 2015: Drilling of a new well adjacent to the existing pump house is now complete.  We are cautiously optimistic that we have a good well. The drillers hit rock bottom at about 300 ft and apparently have a good layer of gravel just above that.  That is more than 100 ft deeper than the previous Faulder well. Of course we cannot say much about this hole until the detailed flow tests are in at the end of the month.

As you may know, drilling a well is a bit of a gamble (especially, it seems, in and around Faulder--the subterranean environment is full of surprises).  If we hit bedrock too early we would not have a well capable of supporting the community water system.  RDOS engineers budgeted for two holes in case the first did not work out.  So the fact that we now have a relatively deep well on RDOS-owned land close to existing pumping and distribution infrastructure on the first try is encouraging.