The new cattle guard on Bartlett Drive

  • Posted on: 4 May 2015
  • By: Michael Brydon

Residents of Westwood Properties and Husula Highlands will have noticed a new cattle guard on Bartlett Drive.  A special prize for anyone who can spot the problem with this particular installation. I have provided a hint in the photo below:

To be clear:

  1. Roads (and cattle guards) are the responsibility of the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  2. The PIB fencing project has made the fencing formerly attached to this cattle guard redundant.  The PIB installed a new cattle guard adjacent to the Westhills Aggregates pit.  This cattle guard has the advantage of being connected to intact fencing.
  3. For the record: the RDOS asked that that cattle guard on Bartlett  be removed, not replaced.



I am reproducing both my comments to Mr. Brydon and my own regarding cattle guard workers that recently parked in our driveway. I had no idea that Mr. Brydon was trying to eliminate the guard at our house altogether - an idea we support strongly as we can feel our house shake every time the gravel trucks rumble over it. I can't imagine what those trucks are doing to our foundation, but I'm sure we'll find out in the near future. Like Michael, I strongly support removal of the guard, as evidenced not only by his picture, but by the fact that the horses regularly use not only our neighbour's yard to wander up into reserve land, but also that they wander up from the channel and walk right past our house on the road. 
This is what Michael wrote back to me and then below that is what I initially wrote him. 

Hi Ruth,

 I am pretty annoyed by this whole thing.  I just sent the picture below to Dan Ashton.  As you may know, this road and cattle guard belongs to the Ministry of Highways.  We pay for it through our provincial "rural tax".  The RDOS has nothing to do with the road and was not advised about the cattle guard work.  Indeed, I have been asking for the cattle guard to be removed--I think it is pretty clear in the photo that it accomplishes absolutely nothing.  The new PIB fence line crosses the road near the Westhills pit and the PIB has installed a new cattle guard there.  

 In any case, I am going to ask you to forward your complaint to MoTI and/or Dan Ashton.  I think it is a legitimate concern when they use your driveway (on MoTI right-of-way or not).  MoTI contact information is here:



On 2015-04-30 2:09 PM, Alistair & Ruth wrote:


Hi Michael: Since you are our go-to person for complaints, I guess you're about to get another earful from us. I apologise in advance, as I know how difficult it must be to hear nothing but complaints from your constituents. 

Today we had trucks parked in our driveway while the maintenance people fixed up the cattle guard at the edge of our driveway. It just seems to me that a little courtesy call at the front door, to say they would be working there and would it be all right to park their trucks which partially block our vehicles, would be in order. It's not as if there is not loads of room across the street on indian land or down the street, where they could park. And had they spent 30 seconds at our door, we wouldn't have minded at all. It is the discourtesy of merely parking their trucks and their lunches on our property without a by-your-leave that annoys me. 

Until recently we've never had a problem with people thinking that our property is public access(with the exception of old Bob walking across the front yard and firing an airgun to drive out the horses - while we watched in utter shock and horror), but lately it seems that we are suddenly public land that anyone feels they can just walk across or park vehicles on. Perhaps it's a good thing that we don't live in Ferguson! lol!!

Unfortunately I lack the testicular fortitude to challenge these people, and ask them to get off the land, or to move their vehicles, and so you end up getting it in the neck instead. On the plus side, both of us feel you represent us extremely well in the RDOS, and will continue to vote for you while you choose to hold office. We enjoy your posted newsletter information and we appreciate that you keep the region up to date with any information you come across. Now if we could just find a way to let the horses on the property (I have horse-proofed the front yard) and the people and vehicles off of it, things would be just about perfect here. 

Thank you so much for listening.

Ruth Duff
Bartlett Drive   

"Special prize" recommendation: thin the herd!