Gate at south end of riding ring

  • Posted on: 13 April 2015
  • By: Michael Brydon

I received the following update from Sue Gibbons:

Please find attached photo of the gate that we installed this weekend at the south end of the riding ring. Thank you so much to Stu Kulak who did most of the work, had all the right tools and made sure it was stronger than Fort Knox!!! The addition of the gate at the south end is to encourage riders to use the road up to the ring (not ride through the park), and they now have options of entering the ring from the south end or riding through the trees to the north gate. More raking and leveling at the south end gate is probably still required, so maybe someone else can pitch in to assist.

The Area F Parks Commission has helped in the past fund some of the upgrades to the riding ring.  It is gratifying when the users of the facility invest their own time and energy into this unique neighborhood asset.

As Sue points out, the significance of this new gate is that it makes it easier for horse riders to come up the dirt road on the south end of the park rather than traversing through the park. Cutting through the park or along the private property on the north end of the park is not ideal when there are others using the park.  This is a safer (and now more convenient) solution to riding ring access.