Regional Economic Development Service

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

This one is mine.  The RDOS already does "regional economic development" by contributing (with the North and Central Okanagan) to the Okanagan Film Commission.  We budget this every year under "grants in aid" and no one sees it in the budget. I figure if we are going to do this, we should call it what it is.  The net dollar impact of the change I am proposing is zero.  It is really more for transparency.

Update 09 Sep 2015:  This new service did not fly because, although the RDOS board voted for it, some member municipalities did not provide assent.

What are the implications?  None, really.  The RDOS will continue to use its grant-in-aid budget to fund projects that everyone around the table believes have a net positive economic impact in the region?  What are these projects?  Well, you can go to the RDOS budget and see for yourself.  Below is the relevant department (General Government)


To make it easier, I have zoomed in on the relevant line item and highlighted it:

See the problem?

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