Riding ring signage

  • Posted on: 25 August 2014
  • By: Michael Brydon

The sign for the Bud Butler Equestrian Area (at the west end of Selby Park) was installed today. It was donated by Structurlam.

The purpose of the sign is to draw residents' attention to the fact that we have a very nice public riding ring in Selby Park.  Horse owners on the West Bench make frequent use of the facility.

As for the history, Sue Gibbons contributed the following:

Approximately 40 years ago, Bud Butler went to the West Bench Irrigation District and asked what they thought of him building a riding ring at the back of Selby Park (in its present location). They approved his idea and he asked Stu Forsyth (who lived in Husula at the time) if he would donate his heavy equipment to clear the site and prep it. Another gentleman volunteered his time to man the equipment. Bud bought all the rails and posts and had a work bee to build the ring (his daughter Sue and I were about 14 years old at the time). He also approached WB Irrigation to ask if he could tie in to their line to keep the ring irrigated for which he bought the supplies and completed the task himself. The riding ring has been used extensively over the years and it is nice to be able to honor Bud Butler for his inspiration to build it many years ago.

Our plan is to get the sign stained for protection before the weather turns bad.

Sue and Chris Gibbons did a fantastic job finishing the wood and painting the letters.