Mariposa Park

Mariposa Park is located in a gully at the south end of Vedette Drive on the West Bench. It is a beautiful location and home of the famous West Bench Easter Egg Hunt.


  • Grassy area
  • Shade trees
  • Playground equipment
  • Tennis court
  • Washrooms (unlocked on request)
  • Taboggan hills
  • Parking


  1. Drainage for Valiant Drive: Rural roads and drainage off roads is the responsibility of the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI).  In response to periodic torrents along Vailant Drive, MOTI has proposes to redirect store water into an infiltration system in the park.  Although the RDOS expressed concerns about bringing so much water into an area known for soil instability, MOTI has undertaken extensive geotechnical study and stands by its design. Construction on the drainage system should commence in the spring of 2011.
    Image MOTI's proposed drainage system is considerably more complex than drain tiles and gravel.  The purpose of the storm tank system is to allow a large amount of water to be captured but then released into surrounding soils slowly.  This should avoid the creating of sink holes.
  2. Cricket pitch: A local group of cricket players has approached the Area F Parks Commission with a request to construct a cricket pitch in Mariposa Park.  This proposal is still in the work.

RDOS applied for and received $18,000 in Federal matching grants in 2010 for park upgrades in Area F. The matching grants permitted the RDOS to undertake several projects for which the cost to Area F taxpayers was only 50% of the total.

  1. Replacement of the tennis court fence: The fence around the Mariposa tennis courts was in extremely poor repair.  Federal money was use to help clear up the area around the tennis court (including the removal of several problematic Russian olive trees) and replacement of the fence.
  2. Path to tennis courts: A stepped path was create to provide better access to the tennis courts.



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