Selby Park

Selby Park is located on West Bench drive north of West Bench Elementary School.  The park was named for Eric Selby, a veteran and driving force in the establishment of the West Bench Veterans' Land Act (VLA) project.

The park is currently popular with mountain bikers, who use the park to access Penticton Indian Band lands to the west and north.



  • Grassy area
  • Shade trees
  • Some playground equipment
  • Riding ring
  • Parking along West Bench Drive


RDOS applied for and received $18,000 in Federal matching grants in 2010 for park upgrades in Area F. The matching grants permitted the RDOS to undertake several projects for which the cost to Area F taxpayers was only 50% of the total.

  1. Veteran's Memorial: An idea emerged in 2008 for some kind of veteran's memorial in Selby park (see the topic here).  The RDOS has applied for federal funding for this and is currently awaiting a response.
  2. Riding ring upgrade: The Area F Parks Commission recently approved upgrades to the riding ring to improve drainage and upgrade the riding surface. New fencing and sprinklers (too keep the footing moist) are also part of the ring upgrade project.  We are currently in the process of creating a non-profit society to manage the Selby Park riding ring as an amenity for all Area F residents.
    Image  Photo showing the riding ring prior to upgrades.  Overgrown brush was removed.
     Image  The ring following replacement of the surface.
  3. Road access to the riding ring: Federal matching funds were used to help fund the creation of a road along the south side of Selby Park to the riding ring. The road addresses several problems:
    1. Previously, there was no access to the riding ring except through private property on the north side.  This made maintenance of the ring especially difficult since machinery could damage private property.
    2. A review of the park by the Municipal Insurance Associated noted the lack of access to the riding ring by horses and riders.  Prior to construction of the road, horses and riders accessed the ring through the park.  In addition, a potential for collisions existed as mountain bike riders re-entered the park from the west.  The road provides a means for horses and riders to get from West Bench Drive to the riding ring without going through the main area of the park.
      Image This shot shows the road under construction.  It is cut into the unused bank on the south side of the park.  The surface under the road is designed to carry heavy machinery.  However,  the surface of the road has a cover of topsoil and is seed with native grasses.  The hope is that, in time, the road will become virtually invisible over time (but will be there when we need it).



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