How much does the City of Penticton contribute to the RDOS?

I received a question a few days ago about Penticton's contribution to the RDOS.  The issue of Penticton pulling out of the RDOS has recently appeard on Dan Albas's blog with some questions about what Penticton gets from the RDOS. 

The basic breakdown is this: The total RDOS budget is about $40M but some of this is covered by grants, user fees, and so on.  As such, the total tax requisition (from member municipalities and rural areas) is about $12.9M.  Of this, Penticton's total tax requisition is about $1.64M, or about 12.7% of the RDOS total. 

I should point out that about $600,000 of Penticton's $1.6M is passed along to other multi-regional boards (e.g., the Okanagan Basin Water Board).  The RDOS has no control over these transfers because these multi-regional boards have their own taxing authority and set their own budgets for the services they provide.

You sometimes hear that Penticton pays for 41% of the RDOS.  This is simply incorrect.  Penticton pays about 40-41% of only those RDOS services that are shared equally and charged out based on total assessed value (Penticton has 40-41% of the assessed value in the RDOS).  However, there are many RDOS services (e.g., planning, engineering) that Penticton does not use because the city has its own in-house staff.  Naturally, Penticton does not pay for what it does not use.  That is why its overall tax contribution to the RDOS is much less than the 40-41% mark.

The services that Penticton does use are listed below with their 2010 and 2010 tax requisition amounts (not total budget, just the amount charged to taxpayers to pay for the services).  The total RDOS requisition is also shown on the right for comparison.

The "General Government" category is for RDOS overhead and any grants that the RDOS dispenses (e.g., the grant to OK College, the Okanagan Film Commission, and so on).


2011 Budget Comparative Requisition          
CITY OF PENTICTON   2011* 2010 Regional Total of Region
SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN    18,278  37,439  45,485 40%
911 EMERGENCY CALL SYSTEM    317,253  329,207  814,878 39%
EMERGENCY PLANNING    63,449  64,450  157,893 40%
EASTGATE SETTLEMENT   -7,269  -   -17,862 41%
GENERAL GOVERNMENT    533,249  488,721  1,326,994 40%
AIR QUALITY    -    71,044  -    
DESTRUCTION OF PESTS    5,559  6,094  3,268 170%
MOSQUITO CONTROL    11,533  11,526  98,573 12%
NOXIOUS WEEDS    13,768  6,026  34,263 40%
ILLEGAL DUMPING    6,697  5,846  16,666 40%
REGIONAL GROWTH STRATEGY - SUB-REGIONAL    33,246  24,819  73,694 45%
NUISANCE CONTROL    10,028  9,947  24,955 40%
REGIONAL TRAILS    24,827  24,854  61,782 40%
Subtotal    1,030,618  1,079,973  2,640,589 39%
Requisitions from Other Multi-Regional Boards          
S.I.R. PROGRAM    163,638  171,372  360,690 45%
OKANAGAN BASIN WATER BOARD    398,589  373,105  826,792 48%
Subtotal    562,228  544,477  1,187,482 47%
TOTAL    1,640,633  1,666,161  3,828,071 42%
         Total RDOS  
RDOS TOTAL COMPARISON    1,640,633    12,935,464 12.68%

 * The 2011 RDOS budget has not been adopted yet.  These are merely provisional estimates.

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