Horse update: December 2010

  • Posted on: 21 December 2010
  • By: Michael Brydon

The horse feeding stations above the Westhills Aggregates pits are up and running as of mid-December.  I see horses around my neighborhood so we are still waiting for the horses to find the hay.  Hopefully they will and we will see less of them.

Recall from the fall 2010 Area 'F' newsletter that our current plan with the horses is to develop some alternatives for residents during 2011 and add a specific proposal to the ballot during the 2011 local government elections (a cheap way to have a referendum on a taxation issue).  As preparation, I asked residents for their opinions regarding possible RDOS-initiated horse control actions in the Fall 2010 Residents' Survey.  As you can see below, none of the alternatives considered received support from a majority of residents.  Interestingly, the fence, which was the clear winner in our more detailed Delphi analysis of the problem received the least support.


The RDOS is working with the Penticton Indian Band (PIB) to address the issue of roaming horses on roads and in residential neighborhoods.  We plan to present alternatives and hold a referendum during the 2011 local government elections.Which of the following long-term solutions to the horse problem do you support?
Answer Count Percentage
A fence to separate grazing lands from roads and residential areas (1) 52 36.88%  
Feeding stations to attract horses away from populated areas (2) 59 41.84%  
Periodic round-ups of horses for sale or destruction (3) 69 48.94%  
Status quo/no solution (4) 7 4.96%  
Other  21 14.89%  


I also asked about willingness to pay for a solution.  Again, the majority are willing to pay substantially less that we believe a solution will cost.  The clear implication is that no RDOS-initated horse control measure is likely without further discussion and convergence on a solution.

Assume an acceptable solution to the roaming horse problem exists.  How much would you be willing to pay for this solution?
Answer Count Percentage
Zero (5) 45 33.58%  
No more than $20 per household per year (1) 36 26.87%  
Between $20 and $40 per household per year (2) 26 19.40%  
Between $40 and $60 per household per year (3) 15 11.19%  
More than $60 per household per year (4) 4 2.99%  
Don't know/can't say (6) 8 5.97%  
No answer 0 0.00%




An article about the round-up and sale of feral horses appeared recently in the Kamloops Daily News. Click here for a link to the story.