My summary of the West Bench water issue


I finally found some time to do a back of the envelope comparison of the two options (UV versus the City of Penticton supplied by the WBID).  There is some complexity in this comparison because of different grant arrangements, different capital versus ongoing costs, and so on.  I have converted everything into present value (PV) in order to compare apples to apples. I also took the reservoir out of the CoP proposal because it is not in the RDOS UV proposal.

See the summary here

My conclusion: UV is cheaper, but not much cheaper.  The big issue is the $3.38M grant that the Province is applying to the Penticton option only.  Without it, Penticton would not even be close.  But with the additional grant, the numbers are very similar.

Let me know if you have any questions or see something that I have missed.

Update 15 Dec 2010: The RDOS paid Associated Engineering to review their 2007 study of options and provided their best guesses for the cost of UV in 2010. I have upgraded my original spreadsheet (above) to include the most up-to-date numbers.  The full Associated Engineering update below if you want to take a look at the details and see what it includes and excludes.  The only real difference from the 2007 study is a bit of inflation and a $52,000 source water study (to support the filtration deferral application to Interior Health). I have also posted the Focus Engineering study for the City of Penticton extra-territorial option.

Update 24 July, 2011:  The RDOS is now responsible for the West Bench water system so we are no longer on the outside looking in on this process.  The RDOS has engaged Focus Engineering (which has been the engineering consultant to the WBID for many years) to flesh out a series of alternatives and help us bring a proposal back to West Bench residents.  Please see the new thread on this site for more up-to-date information.



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