2010 Rural Penticton Residents' Survey


Update Nov 12, 2010: The survey is now closed—thanks to all those who took the time to weigh in.

The raw numerical results can be found here.

The number of respondents was 141 from a rural Penticton population of about 1600.  A 9% response rate strikes me as low (especially given the number of times I hear people complain that their governments "aren't listening").  A 15% response rate for this kind of survey would have been considered very good.  However, the response provides us with at least a ±8% confidence level on the percentages in the results.

We will take some time in the next few weeks to make sense of what you have told us and to work throught the many comment people submitted. Please standby for updates.

Welcome to the Area 'F' Residents' Survey (rural Penticton version)

You must use the link below to register for the "rural Penticton" residents' survey. The survey is intended for residents of the rural Penticton portion of Area 'F' (Husula Highlands, Red Wing, Sage Mesa, West Bench, Westwood Properties).  I hope to run a rural Summerland (Faulder, North Beach Estates) version of the survey later in the year.