RDOS response to INAC letter of inquiry

Here is a link to the letter sent by the RDOS in response to INAC's letter of inquiry.  Please note that the signature pages of the petition have been removed in this version to protect the privacy of the signatories.

The upshot on Page 1 is as follows:

At their meeting of March 4,2010 the Board of Directors for the Regional District resolved to
advise INAC that the RDOS is concerned with the addition of Kettle Valley Railway lands to the
Penticton Indian Band Reserve for the purposes presented in the application, specifically with
respect to the following:


1. Several of the proposed near-term uses of the lots in the proposal - specifically,
residential, commercial, and industrial uses - are not supported by residents of the
RDOS. The RDOS strongly supports any future land use that is consistent with the
property's de facto status as a valuable part of the Trans Canada Trail, and


2. That existing infrastructure encroachments and utility corridors be maintained and