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It appears from the information that it is not up to the residents of West Bench and Sage Mesa to decide what happens to this land. It sounds like, by rights, this land will revert back to PIB control. 

So, as residents, what can or should we do? Put bluntly, I'd say: Get over it, and move on to more useful deliberations: figure out how to peaceably work out an agreement with the PIB regarding public land access and use for the time when they will most likely get back ownership of the land.

Because Chief Kruger has determined that he would like to see the land revert back to the PIB, it is up to us to work with him. This is the only way that we are going to see positive results for everyone involved. We shouldn't only forge positive relationships because it serves us best to do so. This is also about recognizing what is right. 

Getting the KVR land out of limbo may actually be a positive step, not only for the PIB, but for residents of WB/Sage Mesa as well. It's my understanding that the RDOS and the PIB have an agreement in place for PIB lands along the Channel Parkway walkway. The RDOS contributes to trail maintenance, and it is open for everyone to use. We could think proactively, and look to putting a similar model in place for the KVR lands.




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