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I have read with interest the articles regarding the problems the horses are causing in the West Bench, Red Wing, and Sage Mesa.  I would like to point out that this problem is also of concern in the Faulder Area.  Our situation is slightly different regarding how we protect our property as we are basically completely surrounded by crown land and rangeland.  We must clearly deal with protecting our property on our own.  I have no problem with this but I do have two concerns. The most dangerous problem is that these horses not only graze on private property but along the roads and highways.  This can be an extremely dangerous situation especially during the winter, late fall and early spring .  The traffic volumes, combined with low light, and slippery road conditions, and speeds at which people travel along the Summerland Princeton Road leads me to believe that it will not be if, but when there will be a serious motor vehicle/horse accident in our area. Secondly  if the horses are fenced out of the West Bench area they will very likely just migrate in greater numbers to our area in Faulder and make the situation here worse.  I would like you to consider this in your decision making process

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