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I got my info from this blog under the Meredith Report. 

WEDNESDAY, the 15th day of DECEMBER, 1948.


WHEREAS the Canadian Pacific Railway Company requires the land herein described

for a railway right of way through Penticton Indian Reserve No. 1;

AND WHEREAS the Railway Company has agreed with the individual Indian owners on

compensation at Five Hundred Dollars per acre amounting to Six Thousand, Five Hundred

and Sixty Dollars, payment of which amount has been received from the Company;

AND WHEREAS the Indian Commissioner for British Columbia and the Director of

Indian Affairs advise that the land be sold to the Company for Six Thousand, Five Hundred

and Sixty Dollars;

THEREFORE His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation

of the Minister of Mines and Resources and under the authority of section 48 of the Indian

Act, is pleased to consent to and doth hereby consent to the sale of the land herein

described to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company for Six Thousand, Five Hundred and

Sixty Dollars without any terms or conditions other than the payment of the said sum of



I don't jump all over people. I just figure you are talking from an uninformed perspective. I have nothing against the PIB.  I know many of them and think they are nice people. You said," doesn't mean that I don't think the PIB should have control of that section that goes through their reserve".  I ask shouldn't we have the same consideration?  Or do you think we non-natives are second class citizens and shouldn’t have that right. The 5 km in our community is TOTALLY surrounded by private homes and does not border any native land. Why does the PIB need to have it?  I can see them wanting the railbed running through their community.  For the PIB to own our piece of railbed would be like your street or back lane being owned by the city of Summerland and if you wanted to put in sewer or water lines you would have to ask Summerland’s council.  It doesn’t make any sense.  I would be against any private party owning this land. I just want access and usage of the land in our area to stay neutral. Why can’t it stay as crown land?  Why must a group own it?   And no it is not a done deal! 


PS: Sorry for the typo, the last comment should have been titled "You're an Outsider"  Also 'outsider' was not meant to be a derogative comment.  I just meant you don’t live here.  Yes we are neighbours, but I wouldn't want you to tell me what I can do with my backyard and I wouldn't think of telling you what you can do with yours. 




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