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Thanks for  not jumping all over me, Evelyn.   I sympathize with your situation as to your location, however, we are all neighbours, including members of the Penticton Indian Band.  Therefore we should all empathise with them as well.  I'm not sure where you got your information about them having received $500 an acre for the right-of-way.  I have never heard that before.  Incidentally, I have a relative in the PIB and my grandchildren are members, although they don't live there.  As I mentioned in an earlier note, I have contributed quite a bit of money to this section of the Trans Canada Trail so feel somewhat of an owner.  But that still doesn't mean that I don't think the PIB should have control of that section that goes through their reserve as well as the railway line all the way to Faulder.  I don't think there will be a great deal of difference as to the Trail's usuage.  In any case I think the case has been more than settled already.

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