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This is a comment in today's issue of the pen Herald by Fred Ritchie of Naramata.

Dear Editor:

The Penticton Indian Band has a point......the 56 hectares of band land in question was stolen from the band for the Kettle Valley Railroad some 100 years ago with no remuneration.

The column (in the Herald) missed the point that Chief Kruger is sincerely anxious to sit down with the concerned citizens and develop a comprehensive community plan via the RDOS, which would please everyone.  In spite of the fact that in the past we took away hundres of acres of their best land from the reserve.

The citizens have to realize that the land is a part of the reserve and alwys has been since Governor Douglas laid it out.  It was stolen from the the band for the railroad.  It is band land and they just want that fact formalized and recognized.

Chief Kruger is extending his hand and inviting the concerned citizens to sit down at the RDOS table and forget the crazy suggest that it be brought up to the Stockwell Day level.

The age of cowboys and Indians is long past.  We are presently into a better era of working together.  Let us not spoil it.

signed Fred Ritchie



I concur with Fred's point of view whole heartedly!

Frank Martens



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