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The information on your blog certainly backs up your opinions.  Having your own opinion is one thing.  Not asking the opinions of the people you have sworn to represent is entirely another issue.  You have failed to put a mail out as requested by myself and other APC members.  In front of the board you gave only your own point of view and did not give the views of the residents of this area.  Your actions indubitably influenced the other directors as they had no idea of the situation in our area and swayed their vote on the motion.  In my opinion and 99% of the residents I have polled, you have failed in your duty as Director of Area F and particularly the residents of West Bench/ Sage Mesa.


You seem to miss the point entirely.  The vast majority of our residents want to be able to have control over whatever is done with the railbed which we consider an integral part of our community.  You seem consumed with walking trails and parks.  If this 5 km of railbed becomes Indian reserve we will have lost control and all our rights to use this land forever.


Many residents fear what would happen in the future.  One only has to remember the actions of the PIB in the past, roadblocks on Green Mtn Rd bankrupting Apex Alpine, masked braves in camouflage occupying the Penticton Airport, the same PIB braves jumping out of vans creating roadblocks and intimidating people in other parts of BC.  The leadership of the PIB used these tactics to leverage the Federal Government whenever they believed it was necessary.  Even today, Past PIB Chief, Stewart Phillips is at a roadblock in West Kelowna.


What guarantee would we have to use the railbeds when needed, without problems?  And, why should we have to negotiate with the PIB every time we want to make use of or improve the railbed in the West Bench/Sage Mesa community?  We do not make claims on the railbed outside of our community, only the 5 km within our boundaries. The present Chief Kruger may be more amiable, but he is only empowered for a short term as are you.  Since the Federal Government is the only body that can settle land claims why do you believe you should be negotiating with Chief Kruger?  Are you after Stockwell Day’s job?  It is hard for me to state how disappointed many of the people are who supported you in the last election.  We hope that you will start to voice the opinions and represent the majority of the residents instead of working on your own agenda.


Randall Enns


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