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I am a owner in Sage Mesa and have been paying my property taxes for the last twenty years.  I have not received any information from you or the RDOS with regards to the railbed.  When I first purchased my property I did contact Canadian Pacific Railroad and advised that I would be interested in purchasing the property that runs along side of my property. They advised me then in early 1990 and 1991 that they have had numerous owners that had been in contact with them advising that they would be interested in purchasing a portion of this land.   I question you as to why were the residents not notified about this situation.  This land I was told is controlled by the federal government.  Why would the federal government consider allowing the Penticton Indian Band to reaquire this land when there are roadways, bridges and driveways that pass through the railbed.  This has also been used as a walking path for numerous years.  Why have the residents of Westbench and Sage Mesa not notified about this situation.  I found out from friends that were online looking for trails for mountain biking when they came across this web link.  I think a mailout should be sent to all owners in these areas to let them know what is being considered.  The federal government should be made aware of the fact that the residents of these areas have not been advised of this situation.


Concerned property owner in Sage Mesa

Debbie Desgagne

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