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I am very much against this proposal. I am appalled that there has been no consultation with the area residents and suggest that no transfer of this property be done until such a process has been completed. There are many issues that I find have not been answered. I can't help but think about the residents of Caledonia Ontario and how that has evolved into civil chaos for those residents and is still not resolved after many years. The past performance by this Band has been of confrontation when issues arise that have not been resolved to their satisifaction. The blockade of area roads occurred in the past. I am concerned that property values will decline as there are no assurances that access will not be altered or stopped at some point in the future. Will area residents be charged a fee to cross the rail bed? Will area residents be held hostage when the local Band has non related issues with goverrnment that are not resolved to their benefit? Threats have been issued from the Band in the past. The list goes on. I have no confidence in the INA Ministry as there has been no offers made to the RDOS or Penticton or anyone else to take over the right of way other than to the Band. Why is this? There has been no development plans presented as to what the property will be used for. In fact the right of way is totally useless to the Band as it is too narrow for residentail development but could be used for non approved industrial development in the middle of a residential area. The Band does not have follow the development guidelines and bylaws that the residents of the area do. I have grave concerns about this and can think of nothing good coming from it. I will not be in support of any change other than the property be left the way it is, a trail to be used by all in a responsible manor.

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