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 This well used recreational trail has been a great benefit to those using it and is a source of pleasure and physical exercise to many people not only those residing along it but from Penticton and other areas.  I am really concerned that Inac would possibly give this valuable land to the Penticton Indian band who would be free to use it for their own use without any legal or statutory control from taxpayers and residents.  Who knows what they would do with it ; perhaps they would blockade it or refuse use by non natives or even charge a fee for its use. Any agreement for its use or development with the Band would not be worth the paper it was written on, in my opinion.  As the band is unaccountable to anyone, we would lose any leverage to retain this valuble valuble track of land which I belief is already part of the Trans - Canada Trail


I am totally against PIB having any jurisdiction or ownership of the trail ; being currently open for free usage by anyone, including Band Members, we must not contemplate its loss to our community.  To protect our access and to manage its maintenance and use ,I I would suggest that Inac deed this trail in its entirety to the R.D.O.S. which would assure its usage by all people today and in the future.


E.A.Anderson.  West bench Resident

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